Parametric Study Toward Achieving An Optimal Magnetorheological Mount

Год: 2012
Автор: Walter Anderson and Mohammad Elahinia
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Hybrid vehicles have been developed to increase the fuel economy of existing vehicles. A common issue in hybrid vehicles is the additional vibration and vibration-caused noise. This vibration is primarily caused by the switching of power modes, i.e. from the conventional gasoline engine to the electric or hydraulic motor. In certain cases, this vibration, due to the wide frequency range characteristics, cannot effectively be isolated through the use of conventional isolation technologies. In this work, a mixed mode magnetorheological mount has been investigated to mitigate this and similar wide-frequency vibration. A parametric analysis has been performed on one of the main components of the mount, the elastomeric top. Three different parameters were the focus of this investigation. The rubber thickness (by two means) and height were studied. It was found that varying the mount diameter (thickness) is the most influential parameter that was investigated. The initial…
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